Electrical Repair Budapest

– Mounting and repositioning of lusters, lights and heating panels

– Repair, replacement and transposal of switches and sockets

– Repair, transformation and restoration of lusters

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You replace the bulb vainly, it does not light up? It flickers? It lights up, but it smells burnt. Your wiring got too old? It is worth to re-cable your wire system and to replace the socket so that you can use it for long and in safety. It is not so known to all, but one can put highly energy-efficient, environment- and wallet-friendly, warm white LED light into a real antique chandelier. The LED light also might look like traditional bulbs.


– Cable lengthening, extension, transformation


If it is not long enough, but the size would be the most important.


It is just one of those things that the connector is wrong. These problems can in most cases be resolved quickly.


– Installation and putting in service of home cinema systems




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