My name is Norbert IVANYI, founder of the BUDAIEZERMESTER .HU .


My fixing passion began when I was a youngster … The playful experiments, the family tinkering, the engineering background among my grandparents, the diverse works done in Denmark and Hungary, as well as the completed technical studies condemned me to walk the line.

I am a self-confident engineer with serious practical knowledge. To date, the variety offered by the handyman work, the frequent success and the permanent opportunity to make a progress propels me forward on a daily basis.


My formations: 2013: Team leader (DK), 2012: Diploma in engineering, 2008: Industrial alpinist, 2007: Sound master. Anyhow, I am mostly mentioned as a handyman.

I follow with interest the development of the assembly techniques, but do not forget the practices of the old times.

I try my best to sum up the troubles, then raise solutions that most meet the demands and finally solve them in a previously delineated manner.

Regardless of the size of the work, from concept to implementation I deliver precise solutions and enthusiastic performance.

On my own I proved to be too undermanned to meet so many requests, so I contacted a few like-minded hot shots to join  me, and we have teamed up.

Our goal is that the work we achieve be to your entire satisfaction and may serve as further reference, so that our clients recommend us with a peace of mind, for being the best around. We wish to regain the trust of our clients, earlier destroyed to ashes by other repairmen.


We bill all of our executed works.

We are free of addiction.

At work we are eco-friendly to the utmost.

I was born in Buda and I live there. I am perfectly aware of the local standards and expectations.

Our high-end tools guarantee a precise yet fast intervention without compromising quality.

My colleagues and my partners are excellent, highly motivated professionals. We mutually support each other in order to resolve the hardest challenges.

We are in possession of a „DUNS Number” for an easier traceability and contract signing (in case of companies).


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