Handyman of Buda online appointment maker – Pick a date and time quickly and comfortably!

Our online appointment maker helps you to contact us quickly and easily anytime and to arrange yourself a perfectly suitable date and time for the intervention.

Useful information for our new clients about how to make an appointment:

(To send us a request for an appointment usually doesn’t take more than 2 min.)

If you open the reservation maker, in a pop-up window you will find our prices and terms of reservation having reference to the different   periods


  • The reservation is made according to its estimated duration (e.g.: Misc. repairs 15 min., misc. repairs 1 hr, etc.) In the first step you can make a reservation for a repair, but if you need a preliminary assessment to be done, you must make a reservation to that effect by clicking on „Felmérés /Assessment/” . In case you are unable to give us an estimate of the work duration, just give us a call or inquire by e-mail.
  • The system offers you by default the closest time available that however can be modified to a further date/time in the next step. Afterwards you can step forward to the fields to be completed.
  • In the next step don’t forget to fill every field in! (Name, address, etc.) IMPORTANT! Please, give us a short description and a listing about the tasks to be carried out at your place, in the „Megjegyzés” text box. This is limited to 500 characters. Should your description exceed this length, please, e-mail us and consider sending some explanatory pictures along.
  • At the end of the procedure you can send us your reservation request. In case of a successful reservation we send you a confirmation within a few minutes.

Step forward to the Online Reservation Maker feature by clicking here.